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Incoming Students for Computer Science

Computer Science Degree and Ph.D. program

The Computer Science (CS) study is organized in a sequence of three successive programs. A Bachelor program of three years(with about 200 new students each year), a Master program of two years (with about 40 new students each year) and a Ph.D. program of three years. The Brain Mind and Computer Science (BMCS) doctoral program is strongly interdisciplinary with contibutions from computer science, applied cognitive science, neuroscience and social science.

All undergraduate courses are given in Italian. The Bachelor program is concluded with a stage that generally consists in a period of two months spent working in a industry on some practical project. The undergraduate (as well as the master) courses follow a semester system, where each semester consists of 14 weeks and is followed by five weeks for exams. The first semester starts in October, the second one starts in March.

Some master courses are given in English. In particular, we point out that, during the first semester, the following courses, related to IT security, are offered in English: cryptography, wireless networks, and static analysis and software verification. Also the course on security (second semester) is in English. Other courses may be given in English in case foreign students are enrolled. Interested students should ask to Prof. G.Filè (skldfhksdgflsdgilberskldfhksdgflsdto@mathskldfhksdgflsd.unipd.itskldfhksdgflsd).

In addition to the courses, the master program requires also to write a thesis that counts for 38 ECTS out of the 120 ECTS of the whole master. The thesis work can in any case be done in English and the actual thesis produced can be written in English.