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Laurea Magistrale

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The master degree in Computer Science is two years long, organized according to the semester system.

Some master courses are given in English. In particular, during the first semester, the following courses, related to IT security, are offered in English: cryptography, wireless networks, and static analysis and software verification. In the second semester the course on security is in English. Other courses may be given in English in case foreign students are enrolled. Interested students should ask Prof. G.Filè (sjkdhfgksdgkfsdgilbsdfsdfserto@mathkjdhskdfksd.unipd.itkdhfdslfksd).Beside the course requirement, the master program requires also to write a thesis that counts for 38 ECTS out of the 120 ECTS of the whole master. The thesis work can in any case be done in English and the actual thesis produced can be written in English.