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Master's Degree

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Objectives and Structure of the Program

The Master's Degree in Computer Science will be entirely taught in English from the next Academic Year 21/22. You can get an overview of the Master consulting the presentation at the link [Master in Computer Science] and the short video [video].
More details are provided in the presentation for the A.Y. 21/22 [slide][video]
The slides of the Welcome Day (27/09/2021) are also available and can be a source of information [slide]

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The Master's Degree in Computer Science aims at providing students with those abilities that are essential for operating in an effective and authoritative way in IT companies highly focused on innovation. These are:

  • the ability of autonomously investigating different design and implementation hypotheses, and of concretely experimenting to assess their appropriateness;
  • the ability to pro-actively contribute to the definition of useful and effective solutions.

Computer science courses are structured in three Majors (groups of courses that deepen a thematic area), namely:

  • Artificial Intelligence [AI]
  • Internet, Mobile and Security [IMS]
  • Programming Languages and Systems [PLS]

These are complemented by three Minors (groups of courses that deepen a thematic area), namely:
  • Internet of Things and Embedded Systems [ITES]
  • Data and Process Management [DM]
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in ICT [INN]

To complete the study plan, various courses are offered in fields related to computer science, in the area of ​​mathematics, statistics, economics and biology. More details are provided on the page describing the details of the program structure (link).

A typical study plan is obtained by choosing a Major (with the inclusion in the curriculum of at least four of the five courses). The remaining courses of the study plan can be chosen without restrictions. This wide degree of freedom allows the student to build an overall profile that includes the knowledge and skills she/he desires.

The Master does not focus only on the technological aspects of Computer Science. Course unites are offered in economics that allow the student to understand the functioning and management of companies with high knowledge and innovation content, with special attention to start-ups in ICT.

Master students will have the opportunity of interacting with companies focussed on IT innovation (start-ups, incubators, accelerators, research and development company divisions, etc.). These interactions will occur in several forms:

  • A mini-course Start-Up Lab, in which experts from the partner companies will introduce students to the world of start-ups in ICT
  • A series of seminars ICT challenges for start-up, in which partner companies will have the opportunity to illustrate the projects they are working on and challenges they are facing.
  • The possibility of realising the master project as an internship in one of the partner companies, with the aim of collaborating on innovative projects or working on the launch of a product or start-up.

Current partners are prestigious incubators and accelerators, such as:

Start Cube   Confindustria Servizi Innovativi e Tecnologici   Digital Magics  
HFarm   M31   Rockstart   TalentGarden

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Requirements for enrolling

In order to enroll the Master Degree in Computer Science, students must hold a bachelor degree (or an equivalent title), providing a suitable background in the basic fields of computer science, like programming, algorithms, computer architectures, operating systems, networks, data bases.

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