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In this page, you find information on the master thesis.

Master Thesis

33 credits are devoted to the master thesis, roughly split into 27 credits (675 hours, corresponding to about 5 months of work) for the thesis project and 6 credits (150 hours, corresponding to about one month of work) for the drafting of the thesis document. The master thesis project is carried out under the guidance of a teacher of the Master’s programme.

A thesis project is a significant work, in terms of breadth and depth, which allows you to become familiar with advanced themes in computer science. It typically leads to the development of original research results or innovative software products.

There are various ways of carrying out the thesis project:

Internal Project

The student works under the guidance of an academic supervisor, who guides him in identifying the thesis topic, developing the project and drafting the thesis.

Internal Project with Start-Up View

This is a variant of the internal project, in which the student or group of students, in addition to developing the technical aspects of the project carries out a preliminary study on evolving the project into a start-up, with the support of a partner incubator.

Project with company internship

The student carries out the thesis project, entirely or for a relevant part, in a company or in a start-up. The supervisor is complemented by a company tutor, who guides and supervises the student’s work in the company.

To stimulate thesis projects with Startup-View and Internships, the course of study organises Company-student meetings with the support of the partners.


Evaluation of the Master Thesis

A document describing how the thesis is evaluated is available at the following [link]. These rules are valid until October 2022. They are undergoing a revision process and  after October 2022 they could be subject to (mild) changes.


July 22, 2022 (Graduation ceremony *). Schedule of discussions and graduation ceremony
September 23, 2022 (Graduation ceremony *) Schedule of discussions and graduation ceremony
December 16, 2022 (Graduation ceremony *)
February 24, 2023 (Graduation ceremony *)
April 21, 2023 (Graduation ceremony *)
June 20, 2023 (Graduation ceremony * limited to students who requested an additional semester for getting the 24 credits of the “teaching program”)
July 21, 2023 (Graduation ceremony *)
September 22, 2023 (Graduation ceremony *)
December 15, 2023 (Graduation ceremony *)

* The discussion of the thesis takes place the day before or the same day as the graduation ceremony.


General information on the procedures to follow for graduation is available on the University website. The deadlines for submitting an application are reported on the same site. Usually, the master’s thesis must be completed 15 days before the graduation session and delivered in its final version via UNIWEB one week before the date of the graduation ceremony.