Choose your study path!

Build your own study plan from a wide offer of courses in theoretical and applied computer science.

Submission deadlines

The study plan must be submitted online by March of the second year of study.

It is recommended to define the study plan as soon as possible. On the official deadline the plan will be formalised in its bureaucratic aspects. You can contact the Mentoring Commission for any request on non-standard study plans and, in general, for any question you might have regarding the definition of the study plan.

Each academic year there are two periods for submitting the plans: one in autumn and one in spring. Deadline vary from year to year and will be communicated to students via e-mail and announcements on the website of the School of Sciences.

Study plans are submitted online on the UNIWEB platform. At the end of each period, the plans are evaluated and the response is notified to student. Students who did not get their plan approved will need to further modify it in a reserved time-frame.

Erasmus students have to follow a special procedure for the definition of their plan, which they will submit in agreement with the Erasmus manager.

Study paths


Sets of 5 courses within a specific area of computer science.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence
Deep learning
Machine learning
Knowledge representation and learning
Vision and cognitive systems

Internet, Mobile and Security

Advanced topics in computer and network security
Mobile programming and multimedia
Runtimes for concurrency and distribution
Web information management
Wireless networks for mobile applications

Programming Languages and Systems

Advanced topics in programming languages
Formal methods for cyber-physical systems
Functional languages
Languages for concurrency and distribution
Software verification


Set of 2 courses that focus on a specific topic in computer science.

Internet of Things and Embedded Systems

Mobile and IOT security
Real-time kernels and systems

Data and Process Management

Big data computing
Process mining

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in ICT

IT service management
Start-up in ICT

Other elective courses

Courses in related fields with a natural connection with Majors and Minors.

Formal rules

A study plan must meet the following requirements.

A study plan is automatically approved when it includes a Major, i.e., it includes at least 4 course units from the groups AI, IMS and PLS (see above). The remaining 3 course units in computer science can be freely chosen between Majors and Minors. Plans that do not include a Major needs to be be discussed with a member of the Mentoring Committee before being presented.

Contact persons

President of the Degree Course Council:
prof. Paolo Baldan

Vice President:
prof. Claudio Enrico Palazzi

Study plan contact person:
prof. Fabio Aiolli

Contact persons for internships and other activities:
prof. Davide Bresolin e Dr. Giovanni Da San Martino

Erasmus contact person:
prof. Massimiliano de Leoni

Mentoring committee

prof. Fabio Aiolli

prof. Tullio Vardanega

prof. Francesco Ranzato

prof. Paolo Baldan
(President of the Degree Course Council)